Another Sketchbook Complete!

I've finished my second Moleskine sketchbook, and it's definitely my favourite yet.

Through filling this sketchbook I really feel a hit a stride with my style, and my confidence with gouache really grew. I allowed myself to try new things and make sure I was consistent with this sketchbook, and the pandemic left me with a lot of free time to do that.

I'm using the Moleskine A5 Sketchbook, which is my all time favourite and one that I have repurchased for the third time. I love the size of the book and the paper, plus it's a really durable sketchbook.

The first few pages were definitely testers, I was finding my feet using acyrla gouache for the first time. I think this jungle themed page was when I started feeling most comfortable with the medium, especially with how quick it dries.

These living room illustrations are some of my favourite paintings in the sketchbook, I was trying new things and playing around with colour palettes, and I was really happy with the finished pieces.

Here are a few more pages from my sketchbook that I'm really happy with, starting with these strawberry paintings.

Here is a flip through of some of the sketchbook, this book took a little over 2 years to complete, but that's with a few gaps of sketchbook neglect whilst I moved country.

Starting 2022 with a new sketchbook was a great way to begin the new year! I'll share more when I fill it up a bit.

Holly x

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