Creative Block

I've been on a bit of creative slump recently - since graduating I've been here and there and everywhere it feels like, moving back home and living between my parents and my boyfriends has been very draining.

Also this job searching process is exhausting. My life has pretty much been a lot of rejection, moving to and from places and now my friends have gone back to University (most have had a gap year or a year studying abroad) I'm at a loss. It's not been fun.

Over the past few weeks I've been kicked back into action - I've done some illustrations for Everyday Em, and also did a piece for my friends birthday titled 'Recipe for a Chloe' which got the creative juices flowing again!

Ohh Deer are running a competition from the 16th October - 20th November, called Pillow Fight, where artists can upload 5 cushion designs to their website and sell their cushions! It's all a bit of fun and I've entered 4 designs! It's quite a range of designs, a couple of which have already made an appearance on my Instagram and a couple of new ones!

I'm so so happy with the 'Just Hangin'' design! I'm not expecting to win or anything but I've had fun doing it and seeing my designs on a cushion is really really exciting!

If anyone's interested in having a look at all the cushions (there are some cracking designs) or giving any of my designs a vote (pretty please) you can view the competition here.

To roundup this mess of a post - I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and I'm very excited about it!

Holly x

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