A Quick London Trip

A couple of months ago, Tom and I hopped on a train to London for a 2 day trip. I am quite familiar with London but as Tom isn't, a couple days of exploring the city was in order.

London greeted us with typical dreary British weather and we first decided to cycle around the Olympic park (brilliant choice - best way to get around in my opinion). It was odd for me to see the park in non-Olympic mode as I had only been there for the games in 2012, and it seems so much bigger now because of the structures that were only there for the event. We loved cycling round, so much fun and took the weight off our feet for a bit (a lot of walking was done that day).

After the Olympic park and a general mooch around Westfield shopping centre we headed to Kensington, as our hotel was in the area (trivago sales are glorious) and had a wander through the beautiful terraced streets.

I wish the weather hadn't been so overcast as the photos could have been better (I'm learning how to edit photos slowly). Nevertheless, we enjoyed aimlessly walking around and taking the odd pic. I think it's nice to sometimes avoid tourist hotspots for a breather, saying that, for dinner we went to Honest Burger at the end of Exhibition Road (Where the Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Imperial College and other institutions are located).

Food note - if you're in London, go for an Honest Burger, they're flippin' delicious and inexpensive (We went there twice in the days we were there oops).

The next day we grabbed breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Soho (was good, but not worth the hype OR the wait) and then went to my favourite store in London, Liberty. I mainly wanted to go to show Tom the building which is gorgeous, but also so we could look at many beautiful things that we will probably never afford.

Carnaby Street was next, then we hopped on the tube to Trafalgar Square and made our way on foot to the Mall and then down to Hyde Park, where we again hired some bikes (bloody love those bikes) and cycled through the park. It was so lovely and peaceful going through the park, away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city.

Then we tackled the Science Museum, but by this point the walking had drained us both so it was a very chilled affair. Notting Hill was our final stop before heading to get our train back to Bath, which again provided an opportunity to appreciate some of the prettiest houses in the city.

Think this is one of my favourite pictures of the trip! Coloured houses near Portobello Road, so cute and bright.

We had such a brilliant time in London, and will hopefully go back soon as there is so much to do in London I don't think we'd ever get bored!

Holly x

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